TAHA KIMYA KOZMETIK VE TUKETIM URUNLERI SAN. PAZ. LTD. STI. Acetone, Acetone With Parfume, Air Freshener, Air Freshener Flower, Air Freshener Lavender, Antibacterial Wet Towels, Antibacterial Wet Wipes, Bleacher
ETAP KOZMETIK KIMYA A.S. Cleaning Products, Household Cleaning Products, Powder Cleaning Products, Liquid Cleaning Products, Gel Cleaning Products, Cosmetic Products, Laundry Detergents, Air Fresheners
NATURIST GIDA SANAYI VE TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI Organic Foodstuff, General Food Products, Pastas, Olives, Dried Pasta Products, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Virgin Olive Oils, Black Olives
GZT GROUP MEDIKAL GIDA TEKSTIL TEMIZLIK MALZEMELERI SANAYI VE TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI Diaper, Baby diaper, Wet wipe, Wet napkin, Wet towel, Baby wipes, Wet nap, Hygiene product

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Taha Kimya was established in 2008 and started wet wipes production in 1.Industrial Zone with 25.000sqm factory in Gaziantep. In accordance with the demands of our consumers and agents; hygiene and home care products were added in our portfolio in 2010. We mainly produce wet wipes, canister wet wipes including all antibacterial solutions and all liquids shampoos, liquid hand soaps, Surface Cleaners, Laundry Detergents, Softeners, Bathroom, Kitchen, WC, Grease removers answer all hygiene and home care range. Total Annual revenue in 2018: 22.150.000 $ Total Annual revenue in 2019: 27.850.000 $ Total Annual revenue in 2020: 35.500.000 $ Total Employees: 210 people Main brands; BIIWIPES, BIVY, BITTOL, ROYAL, PRO-STYLE SILVER, ELGISI and ONNO brands are exported to various countries in 5 continents. 80% of our production are exported. Private Label: Our Company is fully equipped to answer private label demands with custom tailored business models. Broad range of bottle and cap collections saves time besides custom mold design options. As of 2021, Private Label production has reached to 60% of our total production. Our production lines and production capacity; 3 high speed wet wipes machines. Each machine produces 80.000pcs / one shift, total 240.000 packages / Daily. 3 pocket wet wipes machines Each machine produces 20.000pcs / one shift, 60.000 packages / Daily. 9 Liquid Filling Lines, Each Line produces 130.000 bottles/ one shift, 390.000bottles / Daily 4 Canister wet wipes cutting/rolling machine Total line produces 13.000 bottles/ Daily 2 Cannister Filling Lines Total line produces 13.000 bottles/ Daily PET / PE / PP Lines All PET/ PE / PP products are manufactured in our Maxplast factory located in 5.Industrial Zone in Gaziantep. Factory closed area is 22.000 sqm . Total Annual revenue in 2019: 7.850.000 $ Total Annual revenue in 2020: 14.700.000 $ Total Employees: 250 people PET packaging and PP injection production lines: 21 Pet one Stage Blowing Molding machines, 10 PE Blowing Molding machines, 30 PP Injection machines Pet/PE/PP Bottle mold production facility Our machines meet the needs of our own plastic packaging and at the same time serves to the leading manufacturers all over the world.
The company,entered the cleaning industry in 1963 by mass production of bar soaps,and in 2001 it built 4th detergent powder tower of Turkey and started in-house production of detergent powder. As one of the most prominent detergent manufacturer of Turkey, Caglayan Chemicals, manufactures liquid detergents, powder detergents, strong acidic and alkaline (basic) type of detergents and also industrial cleaning products Under constant supervision of chemical engineers, all products are manufactured in fully automated production facilities. With close scrutiny and analysis, products are processed in mixture division. After awaiting in cold temperature for a proper time, the products are processed in liquification area. Filling and packaging are the last processes before our products shipped to our valuable customers. Quality standards of Caglayan Chemicals are dedicated to customer satisfaction. Caglayan Chemicals, operating with 100% Turkish Capital, and having Turkish and international quality certification, is a well known and well accepted company with "Yetis" brand which is widely used in the local market and "Puffy" brand which sells in international markets. With the prime principle of "Cleanliness is civilizations", over half a century of experience, and happiness of being born in Anatolia, the heart of civilizations, we produce snow flakes that strengthen the cleaning and we transform the harmony of water and soap into the energy of cleanlines. We carry Caglayan's passion and the energy of cleanliness from Konya to all over the World,
GZT GROUP is headquartered in Gaziantep, a group that highlights its activities in various fields. From the food sector, the health and hygiene sector to the child care products, the bulk of the activities of the GZT GROUP is through the export channels, and the process of exporting and selling to different parts of the world
Naturist company established in 2013 year. Our mission of working in the international trade is bringing quality, reliability and forethought principles. We adopted the philosophy of serving our customers by offering top quality products. We give essential importance of creating trustable long- term relationship with our business partners. Our products is defined with functional benefits in the target market. Our worldwide marketing principle is giving importonce on customer satisfaction, we are selling our all items in top quality forms. Our product aim is to come with functional benefits in the international market. Our company knows the importance of customer relations and has adopted the basic principle of being innovative, well understanding , determining and being reliable. Pinar DEMIR | Naturist Food Industry and Trade Ltd. Sti.